SANKYU Malaysia is equipped with more than 50 trucks in various sizes operating in conjunction with a variety of physical distribution services tailored to your requirements which covers strategic location around Malaysia.
Services Provided:
General Transportation
We own and operate 53 trucks throughout Malaysia.
  • Our trucks comes in various sizes, type and capacities from 1 ton to 22 ton.
  • Transport network covers all major cities throughout Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.
  • All trucks equipped with GPS system.
  • We handle for Loose Truck Load (LTL), Full Truck Load (FTL), and parcel service.
  • Vast experience in overland transportation services to Thailand and Singapore with closely supported by our sister companies in Singapore and Thailand as well as our experience sub-contractors.
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Container Haulage
We provide container halauge services using our own equipments which are station at Port Klang branch. With our own haulage equipments, we are offering attractive rates for our customers.
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Refrigerated Trucks
Our refrigerated trucks are equip with temperature control of minimum -5℃ and maximum +25℃. These refrigerated trucks are supporting our cold room operations and any other jobs required by customer.
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Heavy Cargo Transportation
We have vast experience in handling heavy machinery and equipments. We ensure a safe and on time delivery in all our heavy haulage operations. Our Engineering division provide positioning and installations works for all type of heavy machinery.
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